A photo-story  in black and white landscapes  and historical heritage of central Italy.
Thirty shots in black and white, strictly analog, poetic reportage of views of nature and the countries of central Italy, witness the beauty of a precious historical heritage and landscape often overlooked or destroyed vandalism to accommodate the need for "development" of the postmodern world.

Fabio Schifino, roman photographer, began his photographic career in the early 90s, specializing in interaction with the peoples of the East, later dedicated to exploration of the landscapes of Africa and Oceania, and the Indonesian part of Komodo. In EVO Visio back to Italy and captures the soul of our own landscapes, staring into each shot places where time seems suspended, small strongholds of a fragile memory, the last custodians of cults and traditions, precious surviving in a globalized world.
EVO Visio by Fabio Schifino
"Trapping a moment of fleeting time, and enclose in a small frame, is a rare gift for me, allowing me to protect memory for generations to come. Photography is for me a time machine, which gives me a great opportunity to stop him, watch him, love him, and ... let it run again."

EVO Visio by Fabio Schifino
Curator Teresa Di Gregorio.
Rome, AREA CONTESA Gallery,
via Margutta 90
via del Babuino 51
Opening November 28, 2014
until December 3, 2014
Timetable: 10:30 to 13:30; 14:30 to 19:30.

Fonte: www.new4amagazine.com